Fall 2020

September 12th, 12 pm EST
Sammy Kayed, will speak this Saturday, on the socio-environmental climate of Lebanon, in the wake of August’s devastating explosion in Beirut.  His talk will focus on horizontal and participatory approaches to revisioning Lebanon in the face of both heartwarming and disturbing ad hoc response.  

Saturday, October 3rd, 12 pm EST
Che Gosset will speak on on how abolitionist techno-aesthetics mobilize aesthetic and technological theory/practice to critique policing as a technology of anti-blackness in the present tense.

Saturday, October 17th, 12 pm EST
Kyong Park, will share on his project “Imagining Eurasia”.  Founder of the Storefront for Art and Architecture, Park’s project in South Korea questions and reimagines borders of nation-states.  

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